Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Muffins

Wow. I can't believe that summer is already over, and now I'm back in school. Another new school, with new people in a new place.

Anyways, I wanted to show off some of the cupcakes and muffins that I made this summer.
Firstly, this summer I discovered a new frosting (from my sister's blog) - that has now become my favorite frosting to use because it's so easy to make and you can be really creative with it.

So, we call it: Marshmallow Frosting

- 4 egg whites
- 3,5 dl sugar
- 1,2 dl light syrup
- salt
- 2 tsp vanilla extract

You need to use a water boiler to heat the ingredients. Start with putting some water to boil in a large pot. Then mix the ingredients in a pot or bowl that will be put into that pot (so make sure it fits well). Once the water starts to boil, but the bowl into the pot (the bowl with the ingredients inside shouldn't actually be floating in the boiling water). Heat the ingredients for about 5 minutes and keep stirring. Then take the bowl with the ingredients out of the boiling water and whip the ingredients until you get a thick, glossy cream.
If you want to make a colorful cream, then now is the time to add food coloring. If you do decide to do so, then make sure you mix it properly - otherwise the frosting will be unevenly colored.

I love baking in the summer, because you can take the simplest cupcake or muffin recipe and then add lots of different berries to it.

The first muffins I made with Marshmallow Frosting: Raspberry Muffins
We had a get together at my brother's house, so I decided to make these delicious little treats. I especially loved them because the combination of sour berries and super-sweet marshmallow frosting was mouthwatering. I should also note that after I frosted my muffins, I popped them into the oven for just a few minutes so that the outer layer of the frosting got hard, so there was a little crunch when you bit into the muffin. 

The next time I decided to use this frosting, I wanted to be a bit more creative. I got a little inspiration from the Internet, and decided to make rainbow marshmallow frosting. I sold these cupcakes at a fair that I worked at this summer and they seemed to be pretty popular. The cupcake itself was vanilla raspberry. (also, people were fascinated by this mysterious "marshmallow" frosting)

I got the idea for my last cupcakes with marshmallow frosting from my sister's blog, which was the original recipe where I discovered the frosting. 

Chocolate cupcakes with a ball of cookie dough in the centre and marshmallow frosting on the top!

I personally didn't like these cupcakes very much, because they were way too sweet for my liking. However, if you like over the top, crazy-sweet cupcakes then you can find the recipe here:

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